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Strumenti di Carpenter

Your tools

Communicate and divide the expenses you make for your children without having to make complicated calculations or argue for a refund.  Here you will find a tool that will allow you to enter your expenses, check those made by the other parent and divide them proportionally. 


After a separation it can happen that it is more complex to manage the practical organization of the commitments of parents and children. We provide you with a tool that can help you with this task. 


During separation, communication can take on bright tones. We provide you as a tool with a private chat that can be produced in court and with the possibility of requesting a moderation intervention by one of our experts. 

  • Zefiro Strumenti

    Tutti gli strumenti e l'assistenza per utilizzarli al meglio
    Valid for 12 months
    • Il CALENDARIO con i tempi della famiglia
    • Una CHAT monitorata e certificata con l'altro genitore
    • Una app per tenere nota e REGOLARE LE SPESE dei tuoi figli
    • Ricevi ASSISTENZA.per impostare tutte le app e gli strumenti
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