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When separating, it is essential for children and parents to be able to compare themselves with people who have gone through similar experiences, to ensure mutual support and exchange practical information.
Also, having a live and supportive social network is one of the biggest protective factors for your children's mental health… and it helps you too!

We offer you the possibility to join two communities for free where you will find information and mutual support.


Gengle means Single Parents. Through this site you can get in touch with other separated parents or initials. You can exchange information, ask questions, get help and organize activities, trips and holidays together.

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Smallfamilies  it is a project of a social and cultural nature.

Observatory and compass for single parents and families with variable geometry.

Guides, informs, supports, protects the rights of single-parent families (by choice or due to separation or divorce)  and more generally of families with variable geometry.


Smallfamilies aims to:

  1. offer services and tools that can help design new futures in a constantly changing social, cultural, economic and relational context;

  2. urge the institutions to recognize this phenomenon and identify the most appropriate responses and policies;

  3. spreading a new culture of families.

Smallfamilies has created over the years an archipelago of initiatives: a portal, a social network, an observatory that provides data and develops research, cultural projects such as exhibitions and events and the first editorial series dedicated to families with variable geometry (smALLbooks).

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