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Private chat

It is not always easy to communicate with the ex partner. In order to facilitate communication and make the chat tool a truly effective tool, we offer a monitored chat service with a moderator: all communications with the other parent can take place through a whatsapp group in which you two parents and one of ours will be present. specialist (obviously confidentiality is ensured).

Of course we will not always be listening to conversations, but you can ask us to intervene when the conversation becomes too bright, not very respectful or not very effective .

We will not intervene in favor of one or the other party, but only to moderate the conversation.

Furthermore, if you deem it necessary, we will provide you with a file certified by us and with legal value with the transcription of all the messages of the chat.

To activate your private chat, contact us now!

Chat Privata è incluso nel nostro abbonamento Strumenti.

Con Strumenti, a soli 40€ per ogni genitore, avrai a disposizione per 6 mesi:

  • Il CALENDARIO con i tempi della famiglia.

  • Una CHAT monitorata e certificata con l'altro genitore.

  • Una app per tenere nota e REGOLARE LE SPESE dei tuoi figli.

  • ASSISTENZA per usare tutte le app e gli strumenti.

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